Murder Moon Preview - 01

Honestly, it’s just easier to visit the STRANGEWAYS webcomic site. G’wan, git.

By popular demand: the collected Chapter One from Strangeways: Murder Moon. All the pages are there (sized up, and in a decent resolution, while trying to maintain a modest file size.) There’s also a special bonus, which you’ll have to read all the way through to get to. Everything is in one nice, tidy package, PDF-formatted for ease of reading (and sharing with all of your lycanthropic friends).

Pre-order information, of course, is included for your convenience. But if you’re savvy already, head to your local comics retailer and ask for JAN083670 F STRANGEWAYS MURDER MOON GN. That’s the Diamond Comics ID number for the Strangeways graphic novel. It’s also not available from Diamond, so you might not want to waste the dime on the phone call.

Now, let’s look at some solicit text, shall we?

Strangeways: Murder Moon by Matthew Maxwell, Luis Guaragna, and Gervasio/Jok
It’s 1868, and former army officer Seth Collins seeks to escape the horrors of the Civil War by traveling the frontier. Answering an urgent letter from his estranged sister, Collins finds himself under attack by a strange creature that is neither man nor wolf. When his friend and partner Webster is accused of being the beast, Collins must track down the real threat. But which will kill him first: the Wolf, or the secret that the sheriff of Silver Hand is trying to keep buried?

Strangeways: Murder Moon is written by Matthew Maxwell (Highway 62, EATERS) and is illustrated by Luis Guaragña. Cover and chapter illustrations by Steve Lieber (CIVIL WAR, WHITEOUT). Interior gallery pages by Guy Davis (BPRD, THE MARQUIS, SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE), Fábio Moon (CASANOVA, SMOKE AND GUNS) and Gabriel Bá (CASANOVA, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY.)

And for more Strangeways goodness, go check out the animated preview video for Murder Moon.

Again, if you’re interested, please feel free to use the code JAN083670 to pre-order Strangeways: Murder Moon from your local Direct Market retailer. And if you don’t know where to find them, then use The Comics Retailer Master List to track them down.

The above cover art is by the inimitable and indomitable Steve Lieber, who really didn’t kill Speedball.

Publisher Information
Highway 62 Press
Matthew Maxwell, Publisher

ISBN-10: 0-9796957-0-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9796957-0-4

144 pages, 7×10 trim size
black and white with color covers

Distributed by Diamond Comics
Street date March 29, 2008

Strangeways: Murder Moon – Chapter 1 – 5 megabyte PDF