SDCC 2009 (04)

SDCC 2009 – Thursday, as best as I can recollect. […]

SDCC 2009 (03)


So I guess it’s hot in the northwest now. Now being a week after SDCC proper started. It even hit triple digits. Having flown to San Diego from a place where it had been 100+ for five out of the last ten days and it had […]

SDCC 2009 (02)

It begins! SDCC 2009 as reported by me. Part one of a few. […]

About that flight out

So yes, what you heard on Twitter yesterday was true. Instead of a relaxed morning flight (two hours early!) where I could get ahead on my convention report (curse you Tom Spurgeon, again) while waiting for my plane, I was treated to a surprise fire drill. Or emergency drill. Or something. All I know was […]

Original art rules!

Why I read comics.

Well, superhero comics, anyways.

Boy, scanning double page spreads is something of a pain. Anyways, the above, for folks who can’t identify it, is the titanic, yea, apocalyptic battle with the Anti-Dad, as depicted in issue #1 of Seaguy (by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart doncha know). I was blown […]