Tug on the Ribbon – free this weekend


My first collection of short fiction, entitled TUG ON THE RIBBON, is available for your Kindle device for free this weekend. This coincides with my appearance and reading at FOG-Con in Walnut Creek. Four short stories, science fiction and horror, for your enjoyment.

Hey, William Gibson liked the title story, so you may […]


A TASTE OF ASPHALT available at the Kindle store


For the next few days, A TASTE OF ASPHALT will cost you precisely nothing, as opposed to the .99 it usually costs. Two short stories, a preview of the dark fantasy DUSTBEARER, a handful of essays and extended previews of RAGNAROK SUMMER and the […]

RAGNAROK SUMMER free up at the Kindle store.

Line art by Alex Sheikman, design by me.

Hey folks. Just a head’s up that my first novel, RAGNAROK SUMMER is up for free over at the Kindle store. That’s a full novel for nothing. Maybe you’d like to read it and review it.

It’s pretty crazy. Thor’s gone feral, reverting to a Hell’s […]

HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available now.

HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available on the Kindle now. 1200 pages of commentary and writing on comics, music and horror by writer Matt Maxwell. […]

Kindle repricing

Hey there. Just a head’s up that I’m repricing all of my Kindle fiction at .99 for a time to see what, if any, affect this has on sales. If you have purchased a book from me (for the PRINCELY sum of three dollars) and are upset that you paid full price and I went […]

Blink and Other Stories – sample posted

“My eyes had been replaced by melting-hot chrome. That was all I could feel. I close them now because I can, but not for too long. If I do that, then the swirling colors melt back in reverse and I then I can see her face simmering behind the glassy wall of ionized air, ultraviolet […]

The Collected Full Bleed

Or, “Misadventures in electronic publishing part 3.”

I used to write about comics regularly. Now I try to mostly just write comics. However, both iterations of my column FULL BLEED were relatively well-regarded in their day. And instead of making people have to paw clumsily through online archives, I’ve collected all of them together between […]