Ah, but blogs are dead, right? It’s all about your free contributions of content to #branded platforms so that you can extend your reach and find like-minded individuals to help broadcast your thoughts, beliefs and most-importantly, your projects.

Pretty sure it’s clear where I stand on all that. If not, well, Facebook wants to […]


So awhile ago, I wrote this story for an anthology that had one of those open calls that you hear about, but never seem to quite work out. I don’t get it. I mean, they wanted stories about the Apocalypse, and boy is this one ever.

I know. They wanted some good ‘ol misery-wallowing, which […]


A TASTE OF ASPHALT available at the Kindle store


For the next few days, A TASTE OF ASPHALT will cost you precisely nothing, as opposed to the .99 it usually costs. Two short stories, a preview of the dark fantasy DUSTBEARER, a handful of essays and extended previews of RAGNAROK SUMMER and the […]

A Taste of Asphalt

A TASTE OF ASPHALT – available today.

A TASTE OF ASPHALT hits today.

Snag it here.

Okay, you want to know what my writing’s about. But you don’t want to spend a lot because everyone’s got projects to support and Kickstarters to back. So I’m going to make it easy. Here’s what ninety-nine cents […]

You say ‘slow’ and I say ‘go go go’.

Thinking a bit more about things, which is what I do when I’m not ready to write or avoid being ready to write.

One of my upcoming projects could be a thing called EATERS, which I posted some comics pages from ages ago, as in years. Several things have sidetracked this project, most namely the […]


Okay, right. One of the things I’ve been working on. An older version went on my tumblr, but I made some changes here.



This is a gigantic collection of not only my writing on comics (both the reading and making) but horror film and fiction and thought, as well as all of […]

For Halloween, 2012

“The thing swung a curved falchion that had lost none of its edge or gleam in death. Lojun hastily brought his shield up, only able to block the blade with the upper rim. The blow struck purple sparks as it glanced off his shield and then breastplate.” […]

Updated Fiction page

I’ve gone and updated things, tried to make them less opaque, more easily digestible.

Unlike my fiction itself.


Click here to get an overview of some of the sci-fi/horror/fantasy I’ve published recently.

Hell’s Half Hour

Scary fiction, every day until Halloween, starting NOW. […]