Tentatively serial

There’s a visual pun here, but I’ll let you figure it out.

Right. This week. Busy one. Getting ready for Emerald City Comic-Con coming up next week, and I’ve got a number of things to get done before that.

First off is a story called “Chunked” which just went out to an anthology, though […]

The Terrible Tome

An imaginary game world from an imaginary game. […]

FOG-Con 2014

Ah, one of my infamous travelogues/con reports. It’s been a little while.

FOG-Con 2014

I’m still pretty new at science fiction/fantasy shows (as opposed to comic shows, which were old hat for me in 1990 and 2008 as an exhibitor). Still getting used to things. Still figuring out how to talk to […]

FOG-Con/Orinda/High Scores Arcade Museum

Galaga – Taken at High Scores Arcade Museum in Alameda, CA.

Spent last weekend at FOG-Con in Walnut Creek. Show went well. More details later, just getting this up now to remind me that I need to say something about it. Spent a lot of off-time taking pictures around Orinda, Alameda and in San […]

Convolution 2013

Convolution 2013 went well, though I took almost no photographs worth keeping thanks to the low light. The blurring went all wrong. Sometimes it just doesn’t come together.

Though the show did pretty well. Okay, a couple hiccups, but those were dealt […]

Print book updates

Okay, so what’s happened so far?

Last week, BLUE HIGWAY got released by the Createspace store. It’s also on Amazon, but honestly, buy it from Createspace, since I see a bigger slice out of that.


While you weren’t looking, I went ahead and did POD versions of both TUG ON THE RIBBON (featuring […]

Convolution 2013

In addition to folks like Brian and Wendy Froud and Richard and Wendy Pini and Richard Kadrey, the fine folks over at Convolution SF have extended an invitation for yours truly to appear as a guest of the show and do some panels/programming.

I’ll try not to mess it up too badly, but I’m kinda […]


A TASTE OF ASPHALT available at the Kindle store


For the next few days, A TASTE OF ASPHALT will cost you precisely nothing, as opposed to the .99 it usually costs. Two short stories, a preview of the dark fantasy DUSTBEARER, a handful of essays and extended previews of RAGNAROK SUMMER and the […]

The apocalypse will be unexpectedly boring?

Taken from “Crunch Time”, which you can buy for only .99, alongside 200 more pages of reading (including an extended preview of the upcoming science fiction novel BLUE HIGHWAY). Get it right here.

“I pointed out the window, even though the parking lot was largely empty now, but for some scattered trash and newspapers. No […]

RAGNAROK SUMMER free up at the Kindle store.

Line art by Alex Sheikman, design by me.

Hey folks. Just a head’s up that my first novel, RAGNAROK SUMMER is up for free over at the Kindle store. That’s a full novel for nothing. Maybe you’d like to read it and review it.

It’s pretty crazy. Thor’s gone feral, reverting to a Hell’s […]