Update Feb 10 2015

  Yeah, I missed yesterday sorry. Actual deadlines and a bunch of frenzied work on the main page of my website (that being highway-62.com) kept me from doing any updates. But hey, paying work before that which does not pay. Blogging sure doesn’t. (But then neither does my writing, he said as he looked over […]

Coulthart’s R’lyeh.

Last of John Coulthart’s art for a bit. Just look at his depiction of R’lyeh above. Stunning stuff. If you’re at all interested in his work, check out his main website (which sometimes features work NSFW or prudes) over here: Etalier Coulthart. If you’re at all interested in the esoteric and how it intersects with […]

More of John Coulthart’s adaptation of “Call of Cthulhu”, which not only envisions the alien vistas of Lovecraft’s R’lyeh, but the more mundane packaging and commercial products of the era, mixing the two in a way that Lovecraft himself never thought to. Looking at this work, I’m still astonished at the sheer number of hours […]

DUSTBEARER and other news.

DUSTBEARER announced, and other projects let out of the bag. Most for spring of this year.

Interview with artist John Coulthart, from 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE Originally posted in 2010. I don’t even say anything mean about steampunk in it. That’s how old it is. — Lovecraft is a hard act to follow, and an even harder one to adapt. “Oh you mean HP Lovecraft, the guy who came up with Cthulhu and all those cute little plush toys.” […]

An embarassment of riches

Wherein Matt is deluged with many great potential artists for the third STRANGEWAYS book. And he gives a progress report on the second one, aka THE THIRSTY.

Original art rules!

Why I read comics. Well, superhero comics, anyways. Boy, scanning double page spreads is something of a pain. Anyways, the above, for folks who can’t identify it, is the titanic, yea, apocalyptic battle with the Anti-Dad, as depicted in issue #1 of Seaguy (by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart doncha know). I was blown away […]