Some of the books published under my name which you can read on your Kindle device (and a few available even in trade paperback format via the wonder of print-on-demand.) No, not on your Barnes and Noble reader, not on your exclusive Sony reader. Sorry. The readership on those devices never materialized for me, and I’m actually getting traction by being part of the Kindle Select program. If this is a disappointment, I apologize. If a worthy challenger appears, then I’ll take a look. Until then, I’ll go with Amazon.

Click on any of the titles to get a fairly lengthy sample of the work. There’s links to buy as well, or you can just head over to the Amazon page. Most of these are in the Select program, so you can borrow before buying. I think. I haven’t actually used the service on the purchasing end, just on the promotion end of things.


All books at Amazon.

 Titles offered:


A forbidden document regarding writing and surviving the internet.
The only writing advice you will ever need.


Featuring the story “Chunked” wherein I take a carving knife
to the cottage Lovecraft industry and excise all sentiment.


Two stories of decidedly dark fantasy where fondest
wishes are granted to those most deserving.


FB2_resized_thumbHIGHWAY 62 REVISITED
Comics, film, horror, writing and commentary
on all of these from 2003-2014

The apocalypse as seen by a boy who thought he’d
embrace it and a woman who refuses it.


Blink_Kindle_2013_thumbBLINK AND OTHER STORIES
Three stories of contemporary horror


RagSummer_2013_resized_thumb RAGNAROK SUMMER
Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Thor and Loki on a road trip
to find the corrupting secret at the heart of the gods’ victory.


Ribbon_Kindle_2013Thumb TUG ON THE RIBBON AND OTHERS
Featuring “Tug on the Ribbon,” a near-future love story
of a boy and lost technology, plus three others.


THE COLLECTED FULL BLEED (nonfiction essays)
Culled from the comics commentary column, an
idiosyncratic survey of comics from 2002-2010.


Ex-Union soldier Seth Collins is confronted with
a bestial evil, and a werewolf, in the haunted frontier.