What is STRANGEWAYS? Easy, it’s the horror/western (aka “Weird West”) graphic novel series written by myself, Matt Maxwell (esq, inc, ad nauseum), and illustrated by a tireless army of artists and craftsmen. Taking place in the late 1860s, STRANGEWAYS follows the story and travels of ex-Union Officer Seth Collins as he travels across the frontier, encountering strange creatures and happenings that haunt the closing frontier. As much horror as it is western, STRANGEWAYS delivers the thrills and chills, but doesn’t forget what makes the west an intriguing place all its own.

It’s also a webcomic that recently relaunched from the start of the series, now into the second chapter of MURDER MOON, with THE THIRSTY to follow later on in the year. That will be the permanent archive of the pages that ran at Robot 6. Apologies if you want to read it right now and can’t, but be patient and you’ll find your reward.

STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON This is the internet home of the first book in the STRANGEWAYS series. Pages are added every MWF, with special features or commentaries on at least one of the other days. Honestly, Friday updates are the least read, so that schedule may get shifted around. But there will be pages or features at least four days a week.

STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON for purchase at This is the easiest way to get the whole book currently. It’s been discontinued by Diamond (without any kind of warning, thankyewverymuch). I may work up a PDF release, but that’s a backburner project at the time. iPad compatible versions will happen before iPhone, unless you like to manually scroll through pages and do that pinch-zoom thing. Getting it to read at all on that itty bitty screen is a pretty labor intensive process for a book that really isn’t set up on a grid.

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