The Collected Full Bleed

This is the page for THE COLLECTED FULL BLEED. It is in progress.

Once upon a time, I was asked to write a column for the website Broken Frontier, which I did for about a year. Then I was asked to revive it for Comics Waiting Room a few years after I ended the initial run. I did, and it ran for another couple years. This book collects all of those columns between two covers. I’d say it’s my answer to THE GLASS TEAT by Harlan Ellison, but he’s s significantly better writer than I am.



You can buy the book for your kindle. For four whole dollars, less than the price of a new comic, you get over 800 pages of commentary, mostly focusing on comics and the comics industry from the years 2003-2009.

You can buy it here, or at least preview it if you’re not sure you want to buy.