Ragnarok Summer

RAGNAROK SUMMER, a novel of the end

The Norse gods have done the impossible. They have triumphed in the battle of Ragnarok. Eternal summer graces the lands, as it has for a hundred years. But the gods themselves are shadows of what they once were. Can Thor, the god of thunder, help them regain what was once lost? Perhaps. But he’ll have to get over his revulsion of the gods and their shining city Asgard first. And what hand does Loki, god of mischief, have to play in all of this? He swore destruction upon the gods more than once. Could he be their salvation?


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RAGNAROK SUMMER is a blend of fantasy and fantastic technology, where the gods have found that being a god isn’t enough on its own. Improvement, enhancement, implantation. These are as important as any worshipers or tribute.

Yes, Ragnarok has come and gone, and the gods still rule. But with One-Eyed Odin a crippled and demented old man and his successor Tyr unbending and rigid as the metal of his new body, how long will the houses of the Norse gods hang together? And where is the warrior Thor? He should be ruling in is father’s place, but he is nowhere to be seen, not for more than twenty summers.

Meanwhile, Loki grows bored and restless, and the giants are remembering their old boldness…

No summer lasts forever.


Line art by Alex Sheikman