Full Bleed 11

Full Bleed 11

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  • “but a didact, a lecture, an exposition of what makes literature great, of what makes story so compelling. It’s stated, not shown. It’s told. Here is the point, as dictated through Prospero’s words and not through action on the page. Instead of inspiration, we get dissection and catalog, enumeration.”
    How deeply ironic. Moore wants to make a case for the truth and beauty of fiction as ephemera, and his method for doing so is by behaving exactly, it seems, like M and Bond and the rest do. He’s become the Geoff Johns of… whatever it is Alan Moore is the Geoff Johns of. Ideaspace? This sounds like his own personal JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK. And yeah, I did just make that comparison.
    Stephen King wove the idea of the deus ex machina into his Dark Tower books, essentially stating that all writers still rely on them, as all writers must set the stage for the conclusion. Storyteller evolution comes from doing a better job of hiding this. Sounds like Moore took a few steps back.
    And that is sorely, sorely disappointing…