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Thirsty – page01

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A little STANGEWAYS update for you lovely people while I’m working behind the scenes on getting the book out the door. The art is done on the first book’s worth of material (about 140 pages or so, one long and two short stories). Well, mostly done. There’s about twelve pages of inking left. Enough that I can put things together and start talking to Diamond about it.

Once I get all the lettering done. Something has made one of my typefaces explode upon printing. Think I need to shift some lettering from Illustrator to InDesign. Not a huge deal, but a bit of a pain. Ah, all these little things that you have to take care of that you never gave the first thought to. That’s what makes this a joy. Not.

Anyways, the artwork is by the talented Cristian Mallea, on Mariano’s layouts. Looks pretty good if I do say so myelf. I know, like I had anything to do with it. Typical glory-hogging writer type…

This is page one of the second multipart story in STRANGEWAYS, entitled “Thirsty.” “Murder Moon” was cowboys and werewolves. “Thirsty” is cowboys and … monsters who get thirsty. I’m sure you don’t need any more hints. I’d love to give you a timeline on this one, but realistically it won’t be out for at least six months after the first collection hits, perhaps longer. I know, I’ve made promises like that before.

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