Greetings from the void


I am about to tell you something that may be the most important thing anyone ever tells you about the writing biz. No guff. Ready? Here it is.
There is no competition.
I say this for two reasons.

Yeah, I’ve been away, and I’ll be away for a while still. However, before I disappeared into the aether, I did want to comment on the above link. I have to say, I don’t care for JMS’ writing. I didn’t like BABYLON 5 and I don’t like his take on SPIDER-MAN.
However, he has a point in the above. It’s worth reading, particularly if you’re harboring delusions of going to comic writing. Or writing at all.
The trick is, you have to write. Not talk about it, not blog about it, not network about it. And certainly not anguish about it.
Work on STRANGEWAYS continues apace. Began writing the second long story arc, entitled “Thirsty.” A nickel to the reader who can guess the supernatural menace involve.
An imaginary nickel, that is.
Plans still call for a self-published collection of the STRANGEWAYS material created to date (what would have been issues 1-6 of the series as not put out by Speakeasy.) Probably this summer, realistically, maybe a tad later. Five of the six issues of artwork are done now, just need to be laid out and lettered, after I get more script pages to the artists.
Oh yes, there’s likely to be a new artist. Luis Guaragna is tied up until July and I can’t wait that long to start on things. There’s two candidates, both are good.
As for the blog, seems a shame to have it go so quiet since I spent all that time redesigning the style sheet for it, but that’s how things work out sometimes. And, sadly, there’s not too much that’s been going on in comics that’s inspired me. Maybe something like WELCOME TO HEAVEN DR. FRANKLIN, or reading the COMICS JOURNAL interviews with writers that just came out and realizing that comics are still struggling with legitimacy issues that they’ve been having since the sixties or how the latest INFINITE CRISIS and 52 previews don’t engender much confidence in me (though that Question page is neat), maybe any of those would be meat for a longish entry, but there’s pages to be written and laid out. Blogging gets to take a backseat to that for awhile.
Don’t worry. I love the sound of my own voice too much to hang it up for too long. Go read Jog’s blog instead. He’s a much smarter guy than I am.

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