Strangeways News

Big news this morning. Ready?

I’ve pulled Strangeways from production and have worked out a release from my contract with Speakeasy. That means I currently don’t have a publisher. I don’t expect this situation to remain such for too particularly long, but as always I’ll post news here first.

My gratitude to Adam Fortier for understanding where I was coming from in having to make this tough choice. The primary motivation was nothing more than making what I thought was the best choice for the project in light of continued troubles on the part of the publisher.

I wish them only the best of luck in navigating this rough patch. They put out one of my favorite books currently (that being Elk’s Run, which everyone should read, but nobody is), as well as the next couple issues of Rocketo, which I’m a great fan of.

As for everyone who’s reviewed the book, I can only say that I’m sorry I felt this step necessary. Your work and support of the book are particularly appreciated, and I can only hope that goodwill continues on and supports the next incarnation of Strangeways. I will try my best to work out something for the retailers who stuck their necks and dollars out and ordered the book essentially blind. Again, I can only hope that they’ll order it once again when it’s resolicited.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. Frankly, I was hoping that this wouldn’t have to happen, but what’s done now is done. Time to move forward.

Updates will be posted here as events warrant. Take care, all.

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