From another side

So there was this time that DC Comics put out a wondrous single issue of THE DOOM PATROL, which was written by Grant Morrison at the time. And it featured art by Richard Case (the usual artist on the book for the bulk of Morrison’s run), Jamie Hewlett (who went on to design The Gorillaz among other things), Brendan McCarthy (the maddest of the mad), Rian Hughes (designer extraordinaire whose draughtsmanship we don’t see often enough these days), Brian Bolland (who qualifies as THE Brian Bolland), Duncan Fregredo (best known for HELLBOY now, but famed well bef0re that), Steve Yeowell (now best known for ZENITH) and Shaky Kane (illustrator of BULLETPROOF COFFIN, one of the greatest comics of the last couple years.)

Looking at it now, it’s unbelievable. And it’s a wonderfully strange comic, of the kind that there simply aren’t enough of these days. It’s like it fell from a parallel universe just to show us how things are on the other side.

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