HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available now.

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HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available for your kindle devices now. Click to view at Amazon.

Culled from the last ten years (or more: there’s a surprise piece from 1993 in there, but I won’t tell you where) of blogging on comics and horror and music, HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED is a titanic (almost 1200 pages) tome of pop culture dissection and celebration, all from my unique (arguably warped) perspective. It also makes the perfect companion volume to THE COLLECTED FULL BLEED, the compilation of comics-related writing that I did between 2003-2008.

This volume features an introduction by friend Ken Lowery, he of LIKE A VIRUS and THE VARIANTS (oh and RINGWOOD RAGEFUCK if you’re old enough to remember such dalliances.) He pegs me pretty good in the introduction, though it’s not what you’d expect at all.

It’s available for the low price of three bucks. That’s less than you’ll pay for a new comic book and I guarantee it’ll take you at least fifty times as long to read. So if you’ve enjoyed anything that I’ve written in the last forever since I started blogging, might I humbly ask that you give it a try? And if you find yourself in a state of enjoyment due to its reading, please leave a review indicating such at the Amazon page in question. Thanks.

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