2013 update

Like anyone actually reads this…

So yeah, new year. New stuff going. No central warehouse to put it in.

If you’re following my various work and have missed something, here’s where it all goes. – Tumblr blog, about half original content and half reblogs of intriguing detritus. – Flickr site where photos are posted on occasion. – Bandcamp home of The Roswell Incident, where you can listen to the latest release from the band, entitled HIGH ORBITAL – Which takes you to my Amazon page, where I can talk up the books I’ve got my name signed to (which don’t sell as well as the ones I’ve worked on but don’t have my name signed to them. – Twitter, where I spend too much time and energy. @highway_62 to follow.

I’m on Facebook, but trailing that down. Email really works better. So does Twitter.


Current projects

The One I Can’t Talk About – Don’t ask. Not my personal work anyways.

BLUE HIGHWAY – Revision of the 1991 manuscript. Science fiction. Got a lot of predictions right, many very, very wrong. Wasn’t necessarily trying to prefigure the world anyways, and the things I got right I’m wishing I hadn’t. Anyways, should be out in the next few months on Kindle. Will update

The Roswell Incident is working on a couple of compilation tracks and trying to figure out how to afford one of the new Moog keyboards once they come out this year.

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