A word of explanation

“Hey, why did you remove all the free content from the STRANGEWAYS site?”

This is something that I’m never asked. And it turns out to be its own explanation.

I’ve left up the first chapters of both the books, MURDER MOON and THE THIRSTY. That’s more than enough to decide if you want to spend money on them. Putting out the whole thing online might have been a strategy that seemed to make sense at one time. But that time is past now. Perhaps it’s a winning strategy for sites that are delivering self-contained daily content. Particularly those that are merchandising out based on said content. Then the daily strip becomes the ad for the real moneymaker: T-shirts or whatever.

I should have figured that out a long time ago, but I’m dense and stubborn and woefully optimistic. It’s not a strategy that works for everything, and I should have recognized it. I’m not in the business of selling T-shirts or prints or resin statues or what have you. This is not to denigrate that business. It’s fine and I sometimes buy from said businesses. Just that I’m not running one of them.

I write comic books that I publish myself. Giving them away isn’t something that makes sense.

There was a time that I thought that the big comics blogs would be falling all over themselves to partner up with comics creators to make that kind of content and maybe even pay for it. Well, the truth of it is that everyone like free content, assuming it gets them some hits. But it’s not anything they’re really interested in promoting or paying for, not what it takes to make it work. My guess is that the people who drive those sites, their main audiences, only want to read about the comics that they already read. Confirmation bias writ real big. Co-evolution.

Oh that’s right. Co-evolution ain’t happening. The big blogs just reflect what’s going on. It’s not like that reflection has any impact on what they write up or gin up hits around. Hey, everyone needs hits to make their brand more valuable. That’s not a slam, unless it’s an exclusive strategy.

So yeah, feel free to read up the first chapters any old time you want.

One of the things on the list will be pairing up with a digital publisher. Looking into that now. When I’m not working on those other projects. More on those in a bit.

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