Kindle repricing

Hey there. Just a head’s up that I’m repricing all of my Kindle fiction at .99 for a time to see what, if any, affect this has on sales. If you have purchased a book from me (for the PRINCELY sum of three dollars) and are upset that you paid full price and I went and slashed them, please get in touch with me via the handy dandy email link. Or here: maxwellm AT pobox DOT com

I do this somewhat lightly, mostly because my books haven’t sold particularly well and hey, it couldn’t hurt, right? Frankly, I’m not eager to participate in the race to the bottom pricing model that is being embraced by a lot of people right now, including large publishers who are dabbling in the Kindle marketplace. However, I’d rather have readers than piles of money.

You can stop laughing now.

I’ll note that at this rate, Amazon makes much, much more money on these sales than I do. Is that fair? Not particularly. Is that the way it is? Yes. Mostly because if they didn’t, they’d be DELUGED with people selling cheap books (hint, they already are) and this is supposed to serve as a deterrent from spamming titles out there. But it’s still a better royalty rate than you’d be getting in print. Of course in print you’re supposed to get an advance.

Yeah, funny.

Gonna take a little while to propagate the change through the system, I’m sure. Don’t all hurry over there.

Here’s the link to my Amazon page, in case you’re inclined to head on over there.

Thanks for your kind attention.

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