One of the advantages of being on the West Coast

You see interesting stuff pop up on Twitter and get to blog about it before other folks do.

Like this stuff here. Which is the DC Comics app for the iPad and phone.

I’m downloading it now. My understanding is that DC has been pretty aggressive about releasing recent comics. I have to admit that I don’t keep up on the numbers that religiously to know at a glance. Looks like they have some famous runs lined up, “Hush”, “Batman: Year One” and some of the Morrison Batman, Sinestro Corps War, a couple of Vertigo titles, SANDMAN in particular.

Funny thing is, nobody was talking about DC having a digital initiative ready to hit the ground. Or maybe I’m just not paying attention. That could be.

However, this does mean that both of the Big Two are now officially putting pinkie toes, if not entire feet into the pool. But who will jump in along with them?

And yes, it appears that the ComiXology front end is being used to drive the DC online shop. ComiXology won the comics platform war. Seemingly without firing a shot. All I can say is good for them, because even on the iPhone, they handled things in a natural and easy-to-use manner. On the iPad, it’s even better.

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