I am Nothing if Not a Good Apostate

Sorry about the daily fiction.  But I’ll probably again make statements that I can’t back up so long as the repercussions are minimal.

Interesting experience this weekend. I did a signing at a local Borders store, here in Folsom, Ca, for MURDER MOON.  I get asked back every Halloween or so given the werewolfy nature of that book, so it’s a good fit.  Been coming for the last two years.  The first year? Kind of a bust.  Moved a couple of copies, handed out some cards.  But the store graciously took 25 copies off my hands at cost, so that was nice.

Now, last weekend, I was at APE in San Francisco. I was there for two days, more than eight hours each day.  I moved books into the double digits, but nothing stellar.

In two hours, I moved 3/4 of the books that I’d sold at APE, and that was with 40 minutes being eaten up by being interviewed at the table by someone from the Sacramento News and Review. Otherwise, I’d classify the afternoon as “busy, if not great”. Granted, this isn’t a scientific examination by any stretch, but maybe, just maybe, I’m putting my energy in the wrong direction altogether.  I didn’t get a lot of resistance from the whole “it’s a comic book” thing, maybe due to the genre of the material, maybe not.  However, I did find that people walking into a regular old bookstore were interested enough to check the book out and buy significant quantities.

Perhaps that audience that everyone has been waiting for is actually out there.  Trouble is hooking up with them.  But if comic shows aren’t that productive, comparatively, then what’s the next step?

Anyways, food for thought during this, the time of the Con Wars.  More thoughts on those later, but I gotta get back to lettering some more vampire pages.

2 comments to I am Nothing if Not a Good Apostate

  • Hey Mr. Maxwell,

    I picked up a copy of Murder Moon a couple months ago at Gamer’s Circle in Folsom. I inquired about local writers and the owner directed me to your graphic novel–great stuff! I’ve been working on a story for the past couple years and it’s always motivating to see “independent” people succeed.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the feedback regarding your comic con experiences. I can’t say for sure when my project is going to be finished, but I appreciate being able to learn from other people who are further along than myself.

    Take care!

  • It’s difficult to tell where the comic book audience is hiding. We’ve had a store for just about a year now, and often have local artists in the store to market their newest books. Sometimes they do really well, and sometimes not so well. I basically do the same amount of advertising for every event so I am really not sure what the difference is.

    If anyone knows better how to target comic book audiences, I’d be really happy to hear about it!

    Good luck with your comics. We’d be happy to carry a few copies in our store in Scottsdale, AZ if you’d like. Let me know.