Set the wayback machine for 1986

James Owen of Coppervale Press puts up an SDCC event guide from 1986.

I wish I could go to all of these panels.  Particularly the hand-written “Moebius – Preview” panel that appears to have been added at the last moment.

And “Hot Comics” as a new comics publisher?  Did they even publish anything?  I’m dubious, despite the presence of one of my favorite writers from the era, that being Peter B. Gillis (he of STRIKEFORCE MORITURI fame).  Man, I can’t imagine either Marvel or DC publishing something like STRIKEFORCE these days, much less let it run for some thirty issues.

Wow, the early pre-preview of HOWARD THE DUCK on film!   Denny O’Neill, Frank Miller, Mike Barr, Steve Englehart, Dick Giordano and Max Alan Collins debate interpretations of Batman!  Scott McCloud and others on the Black and White Comics Avalanche.


I want a time machine.  Just to watch the “Violence in Comics” panel with the likes of Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin and Mike Grell (whose LONGBOW HUNTERS would get some flak in 1987 or 1988 as I recall.)

However, one of the really interesting things I see is how much SDCC used to lean on sci-fi and fantasy prose, at least for the programming side of things.  I don’t recall prose publishers having a much larger floor presence in the past than they do now (in fact, it’s probably grown, but you do have to seek it out.  Obviously, movies and televised culture have moved to the forefront of content now, since SDCC is seen as a consumer media show now and is regarded as such by the programmers and producers.

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