So awhile ago, I wrote this story for an anthology that had one of those open calls that you hear about, but never seem to quite work out. I don’t get it. I mean, they wanted stories about the Apocalypse, and boy is this one ever.

I know. They wanted some good ‘ol misery-wallowing, which […]

No news

No update this week. Meant to, but things got deep into the suck.

If I posted one, it’d be pretty foul, so maybe it’s better that I don’t.

Perhaps after I get back from vacation. Be gone for ten days. A number of things might’ve changed by then, since a big project launches on the […]


Been working up to this one for awhile. Been a hell of a last six weeks or so. Really been a pretty draining year up to this date. The turning of the solstice didn’t magically fix anything either (not that I expected it to — I’m a grownup.) See, there’s some things that don’t […]