“Weaponized Melancholy”

My two word reply to a tweet from Tim Maughan today. Which is now metastasizing into a piece of Ballardian science fiction. Long short story or short novella, depending on how you define those kinds of things. Not going to worry about it, but just let it be. Which is opposite to how I write […]

Con-volution 2014

Just a head’s up that I’ll be a guest/panelist at Con-volution 2014, repeating my role as such from the 2013 show (also the first SF show that I had the pleasure of being a guest of, even if was late to my first panel.) The show is at the Hyatt Burlingame, which is a nicely […]

October is coming


No secret that autumn is my favorite time of year. Plenty of reasons for it. Mostly because the heat of summer (much more prevalent in the Sacramento area than in my native Southern California) bleeds out. And you get the tilting of the light and dusk that goes on forever. Then there’s the […]

Dictionary training

So here’s what I had to teach to my user dictionary over the course of writing BLUE HIGHWAY. Apparently I break the rules, according to Microsoft. Some of these are understandable. Some are just baffling.






















Absolution in Draenor

Grom, the father

Heavy stuff, absolution. The undoing, or at least the forgiveness of sins. It’s a hard thing to come by. Redemption is a story driver that gets kicked around and lip service is played to it, but oftentimes, just that. I mean, video game characters get redemption through laying waste to countless […]

Book fear


Here’s a 270 degree panorama of my office. Why am I posting this? Because in the near future I’m going to need to pack all of this up and move it out so the flooring can be redone here (as is going to happen in the rest of the house, […]

Lizard update

Bit of a scare yesterday. Was going to take Doc Connors in for a routine weighing (his low was 4.7 grams at his worst point, which is not far from skin and bones) when my son called me over to take a look at him. The lower part of his belly was a mess […]

Doctor Connors, I presume

So I’ve been busy lately. Just not with stuff that you can really see.

Like the tiny creature above. This is Doctor Connors, your average leopard gecko from a big pet store which my son bought as a pet. And things were fine for about four or five days. Then he stopped eating. And […]