BLUE HIGHWAY influence map

Because a couple asked about it.

Click to get it at full size.

It’s not really in order. Deal.



Immediate and visceral impact on fourteen or fifteen year old me. Semi-alien desert vistas, V-8s being operated with no sense of safety or human restraint, punks on motorbikes and evil […]

Convolution 2013 report




I’ve only attended science fiction shows as a fan. Let’s just get that out of the way. But I figured I should try and change that since I’m actually writing the stuff now. And by ‘the stuff’ I’m using an entirely humorous way to refer to my work. At least […]

Convolution 2013

Convolution 2013 went well, though I took almost no photographs worth keeping thanks to the low light. The blurring went all wrong. Sometimes it just doesn’t come together.

Though the show did pretty well. Okay, a couple hiccups, but those were dealt […]

Coulthart’s R’lyeh.

Last of John Coulthart’s art for a bit. Just look at his depiction of R’lyeh above. Stunning stuff.

If you’re at all interested in his work, check out his main website (which sometimes features work NSFW […]

More of John Coulthart’s adaptation of “Call of Cthulhu”, which not only envisions the alien vistas of Lovecraft’s R’lyeh, but the more mundane packaging and commercial products of the era, mixing the two in a way that Lovecraft himself never thought to.

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