Strangeways update of a sort

Hey folks, you might’ve seen a solicitation from Image for a book called STRANGEWAYS. That is not my book. I’ve already talked to them. I’ll let you all know when there’s official news.

Work continues on THE LAND WILL KNOW, but it’s slow, primarily because I can only pay artists like a small indie publisher […]


So I’m wrangling with the first of my own projects (as opposed to the day job projects, which I don’t choose, but are chosen for me) that’s set in contemporary America. Los Angeles in particular. And you wouldn’t think it, but there’s a lot of weird obstacles when you’re doing that, that I haven’t had […]


A TASTE OF ASPHALT available at the Kindle store


For the next few days, A TASTE OF ASPHALT will cost you precisely nothing, as opposed to the .99 it usually costs. Two short stories, a preview of the dark fantasy DUSTBEARER, a handful of essays and extended previews of RAGNAROK SUMMER and the […]