From the sketchbook – Darwyn Cooke


Don’t know how often I’ll do this, but I’m pulling a couple things out of the sketchbook that I’ve been carrying around for near on the last ten years. This one’s by Darwyn Cooke. You might recognize him from THE NEW FRONTIER. It’s John Henry, one of the few characters created new in […]

Updated Fiction page

I’ve gone and updated things, tried to make them less opaque, more easily digestible.

Unlike my fiction itself.


Click here to get an overview of some of the sci-fi/horror/fantasy I’ve published recently.

The only writing advice that matters

Write. Sit yourself down and write. Every day.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t feed your ego or make you a unique snowflake. It will not guarantee you riches or fame or even the slightest recognition of your skills. If you want those, there are far better means to those ends and I suggest you undertake […]