Kindle repricing

Hey there. Just a head’s up that I’m repricing all of my Kindle fiction at .99 for a time to see what, if any, affect this has on sales. If you have purchased a book from me (for the PRINCELY sum of three dollars) and are upset that you paid full price and I went […]


But not the first place that I bought comics. An important distinction. We’re talking about actual comic stores, which indeed predated the Direct Market (some thrived with its advent, some held on and some gave out). First comic stores that I actually shopped at regularly, and not just on an occasional visit to the wilds […]

Pet Peeves in Fantasy

So it looks like my next project may actually be a fantasy novel. I have mixed feelings about this. Some of the earliest books I loved were fantasy (Looking at you AMBER series, the first one anyways) but I’m on and off with the genre as a whole. Though I dearly love the CONAN stories […]

The Circuit 2012

Featuring Tom Neely’s masculine appendages. No, not that one. The other one.

It’s still early into winter, but soon the season will open up, offering the promise of legions of thronging fans, steam-warmed hot dogs and room-temperature sodas. I’m not talking baseball. I’m talking convention season. The seeds planted last year in hastily dashed-off […]

Blink and Other Stories – “The Sunyata Routine”

Red. Her irises were the color of Chilean strawberries, face tinted ruby by sanguine neon light. Satori Optical’s byzantine logo hung in the wet sky meters above her body, humming. Call wanted to be sick as he looked at her body, lying face down on the alley, arms turned painfully away. She was the second […]

Blink and Other Stories – “Third Sight”

“I think it will make a number of things clear,” Hensley said, a schoolboy’s insistence. “Maybe it can offer closure to some of those….families.”

And that was a rope that had hung more than one investigator. But there was a reason that the bait often worked.



Blink and Other Stories – sample posted

“My eyes had been replaced by melting-hot chrome. That was all I could feel. I close them now because I can, but not for too long. If I do that, then the swirling colors melt back in reverse and I then I can see her face simmering behind the glassy wall of ionized air, ultraviolet […]