Going to APE. You should totally go there. San Francisco concourse. Same place it’s been forever. This Saturday and Sunday. I’ll have books and buttons. And I’m a lot more active on my tumblr now than my blog. Weird. So you might want to go there too.

It’s heeeeeere

Unpacking copies of THE THIRSTY, from about forty minutes ago. That’s Alex Sheikman’s art on the cover. The design is what it is. I still see stuff I could fix and will once this run sells out. It’s a thick sucker. 200 pages. All for 17.95. It’s probably nine issues worth of story and art, […]

Werewolves vs. Vampires

  That’s right. I’ll be signing alongside Tom Neely as he hits A-1 Comics in Sacramento (on Greenback near Old Auburn) on 9/21/11, from 3-5pm. I’ll try to make the after event, but I can’t make any guarantees. This will be the official world premiere of the collected version of THE THIRSTY, and I’m honored […]

Highway 62 Revisited

aka Highway 62 resumes tumblr service. HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED Right now it’s a research repository for THE GLASS DIAMOND, which I may start to write next year, not sure yet. Still, interesting even if you’re just looking for something out of the ordinary.

Why I love the bronze age (one of a series)

The Bronze Age was so loopy that people thought this page was acceptable material to serve up to kids of all ages: Yeah, this page didn’t see print until MARVEL ESSENTIALS: MARVEL HORROR V.1 reprinted it. But still. Bill Mantlo scripted that and Russ Heath drew it and this was going to be okay for […]

More than One Tribe

FULL BLEED TELL THE WORLD THAT YOU’RE WINNING, LOVE AND LIFE, LOVE AND LIFE This year I’ve gone to as many science-fiction conventions as I have comic conventions. Normally I’d have hit twice as many comic shows as I have (passed on both ECCC and SDCC this year, something I hope is just this year […]

Gabriel Hardman on THE LAND WILL KNOW

Artist Gabriel Hardman on the upcoming STRANGEWAYS: THE LAND WILL KNOW.

STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY to be carried by Diamond.

STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY due for Diamond solicitation in November 2011. Street date in January, 2012.