Alex Sheikman on THE LAND WILL KNOW

I know. I don’t usually just go right out and say it. But I did this time. Artist Alex Sheikman (who you might’ve seen in the FCBD version of THE DARK CRYSTAL from Archaia) and on the cover of STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY, will be doing a story entitled “Are Not Men” for the upcoming STRANGEWAYS […]

Who’s that artist?

As threatened on Twitter, I’m letting folks know about the next artist on THE LAND WILL KNOW (full personnel listing here). Benjamin Dewey is a comic artist from Portland who’s part of the Periscope Studios (the hardest working people in showbusiness). I met him several years ago and I’m pleased to finally be in a […]

Today’s mystery

Today has sucked from since about 2am. I won’t burden you with details. However, in the spirit of positivity, I’m going to take a concrete step to de-suckify the day. In this case, it involves making an announcement about the upcoming THE LAND WILL know artist roster. You know, the one that I revealed Tom […]

Strangeways update –

So let’s see. Busy week. Mostly busy with getting shows together (three in the last part of the year, maybe a fourth). The Land Beyond/Sac horror Honestly not sure if they’re calling it “The Land Beyond” anymore or not. This one’s in my hometown and towards the end of September. Mike Mignola’s gonna be there, […]


The Roswell Incident is unleashed on an unsuspecting world! Tremble and beware!


Author Matt Maxwell talks briefly about the second installment of the STRANGEWAYS graphic novel series, THE THIRSTY.

Full Bleed 110809

FULL BLEED I’M GONNA EAT ‘EM ALL UP JUST AS SOON AS THEY TURN BLUE   Thinking about videogames and arcades, and maybe how they apply to comics (at least a little ways.) When I was ten, videogames were a thing that almost nobody had in their own homes, unless you want to count those […]