Ragnarok Summer part 8

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No more fancy Amazon affiliate bugs, though. See, Amazon doesn’t want to […]

On liking. Part of a series.

I like the bands that I like. For instance, Warpaint, who I’m listening to right now. I could talk about why I like them, I suppose, but it doesn’t really matter why, does it? Is it that important? Okay, for argument’s sake, you corner me and hold a gun to my head and ask me […]

Ragnarok Summer part 7

Little unscheduled break in things.

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Still waffling on the whole give it away thing or not. I dunno, maybe I’ll sell one to you for .99 direct, but not via Amazon. Still, if you want the whole thing and don’t want to wait, it’s all […]

Ragnarok Summer part 6

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Odin was wandering, rapt in the whisperings of memory. Mimir’s words were lost for the bird’s speech.

“You summoned me, Gallows-Lord?” Mimir asked with nothing less than infinite patience. “Lord?” he said […]


The addled Odin contemplates the world after Ragnarok. […]

FULL BLEED breaks a promise

Hey, I got rooked too. I thought that this new DC thing was actually something. Full reboot. Death to continuity. Start it all over without a debt record. Go all Tyler Durden on that backstory. Well, as it turns out, not so much. […]




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Tyr’s metalwork fist slammed onto the oaken table again. It did little to diminish the clamor that surrounded him. He continued pounding the table until a femur-splintering crack cut through the din. Faces turned towards him in […]

Jeff Parker has gone insane

As evidenced by this panel.

Constructivist panel or best constructivist panel?


RAGNAROK SUMMER continues its preview serialization here at Highway 62. Remember, if you decide you’re the impatient sort, then you can buy the entire book for your Kindle device/software for just five bucks via the friendly link below.

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A revision


To what I posted a couple of days ago. Here we go.

I characterized DC’s plan as a hail Mary pass to another audience. If this is the case, the throw is short and wobbly.

There is no reboot of previously existing continuity, maybe some tweaks here […]