FULL BLEED returns from the grave.


I was skimming THE FIFTH COLOR just a little while ago and some thoughts jarred loose, particularly since Carla was talking about first comics and how that’s a uniquely comic book reader phenomena (as much as the origins game, so wryly played with in the pages of […]



Here’s the cover to RAGNAROK SUMMER. Might make a few small tweaks, but that’s essentially it. No stock images, all my own photographs, which is kinda nice and keeps the cost low. May work in a more artsy interpretation for an eventual print edition (assuming that it happens) but this has […]

Point: Missed

Go ahead and click on this link. It’s work safe, but probably not brain safe.

So part of me loves this idea if not for the simple fact that in a perfect world, it would re-introduce the concept of accountability into internet discourse. In a perfect world. You know, the one where if you call […]

The Collected Full Bleed

Or, “Misadventures in electronic publishing part 3.”

I used to write about comics regularly. Now I try to mostly just write comics. However, both iterations of my column FULL BLEED were relatively well-regarded in their day. And instead of making people have to paw clumsily through online archives, I’ve collected all of them together between […]

Fun with lettering

So here’s what I’ve been doing in my spare time. Right. Spare time.

I’m practicing lettering. Because I simply don’t have enough things to do. Well, I do, but I was feeling like there was something missing in my comics work. I’ve accepted that I shouldn’t be drawing anything, and that includes breakdowns. I […]

Tug on the Ribbon and Other Stories.

One thousand posts and counting on this incarnation of Highway 62. If you counted everything from the old site, it’d be more, but much of those really weren’t worth reading.

So here, take a look at this:

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I’ve put TUG ON THE RIBBON into a collection, for a variety of reasons. Primarily […]

Tug on the Ribbon


Long story short, this was was inspired by a tweet that the Great Dismal himself retweeted. I replied, and that became the first line of the story. Hopefully he gets a chance to read this one. Was submitted to an anthology and as with most of the work I do for anthologies, it’s […]