Stumptown Recollected

Being a handy unionization of all Stumptown 2011 threads, since I evidently had something to say on it this year. Quick news Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Pinhead by Benjamin Marra, as sketched at Stumptown 2011 There. That about covers it. Likely the last major convention report I write this year. I know, you’re […]


FULL BLEED GOES TO STUMPTOWN COMICS FEST, part the whateverth. Here’s the thing. The Stumptown show is at a major crossroads. Which is both scary and exciting. Scary because I love the adorable ragamuffin of a show that I started my MURDER MOON campaign with. It was one of those shows that couldn’t really take […]


Part the two. Also ran into longtime friend and cohort Graeme Macmillan on the show floor, got to catch up and chat for a bit, promised to see each other and talk more sometime that day, as we do every show we’re both at and then promptly manage not to cross each other’s path the […]


PART ONE: IT SPRUNG FROM THIS FIRST ESTRANGEMENT Rain on the tarmac when I hit. Shoulda figured it, being Oregon in springtime and all that. Seemed to be hitting pretty heavy, though, almost monsoonal. Ah, Portland. Give me your food trucks, your obstinately individual throngs, your rosemary fries. Your rosemary fries in particular. Those are […]

Pinhead by Benjamin Marra

As sketched by Mr. Benjamin Marra at the Stumptown Comics Show this last weekend. When I asked him to sketch a Pinhead I thought his head was going to explode with unrestrained glee. It shows in the results. This is actually the first time I’ve scanned anything from the convention sketchbook I’ve had running since […]

Stumptown 2011

Quick note, not the full report by any stretch of the imagination. Stumptown was a very very good show this year. It’s always good, but this year was great, at least in terms of reasons why I like to go to comic shows. Your reasons are likely very different and mileages may vary. Best news […]

Wonder-Con 2011, part 2

PART TWO: IL PAPA SYMPATICO Occurs to me that I left a couple of things out of Saturday, the foremost amongst them being my stop at the Archaia booth, where I came across friend and mutual Speakeasy survivor Josh Fialkov. Landed a copy of TUMOR (Eisner-nominated even), which has been sifted to near the top […]

Wonder-Con 2011, part 1

FULL BLEED: RIDING THROUGH NOSTALGIA “Shaking memories by the mile” the couplet goes. That’s from Calexico. Look it up. Finally decided to attend Wonder-Con this year, which was not an automatic thing. I know, it’s odd as Wonder-Con 2009 was the single best show I’ve ever exhibited at. But then the year after was just […]