New STRANGEWAYS promotional images

Line art by Luis Guragna.



Line art by Alex Sheikman


The second is all new-art, previewing THE THIRSTY print collection which I’m aiming for having this year. Trying to have ’em to pass around at Wonder-Con (no I don’t have a table this year) and at Stumptown in a couple […]

Strangeways hits the web

No, not a repeat. Maybe a reboot, though.

STRANGEWAYS, the comic series is beginning its run as a webcomic, running all of the material to date, which bellies up to just under 300 pages when all is said and done. The first chapter of MURDER MOON is up now, chapter 2 begins next week. Yes, […]

Strangeways: The Thirsty – cover

There’s the cover, line art by Alex Sheikman. Colors by some mook. Not sure it has enough color, so I’ve run up this one, which has too much, I’m thinking.

I’m sure I’ll muddle through it. Eventually.

Update for all three of you reading along: Looks like #2 might be our winner, which […]

My favorite Twitter avatar ever

Apparently some people had a problem with it. So I went ahead and toned it back.

Actually, on the basis of an earlier Twitter conversation, I found myself looking over an old project that I thought had been played out, but no might actually have some life to it. Of course I’d need another […]


Things that I’ve found in my office during its recent cleaning.

1 WATCHMEN button, circa 1987 1 copy of JOYSTIK magazine from 1983 (you can read it here) 1 copy of the Advanced Dungeons Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, Dungeon Master’s Guide (and Fiend Folio) 1 copy of the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK portfolio, featuring Ralph MacQuirre’s […]