Somewhere in Redlands

Right in front of the hotel I was staying in this last July, right next to El Burrito, which had the best chile relleno burritos with handmade tortillas I’ve ever had.

Sean’s right

Sean Collins pointed me in the direction of Zak Smith’s essay on Bronze Age superhero comics and DnD. It’s worth a read. I perhaps didn’t have the revelation that Sean did because this is kinda familiar territory for me. Smarter people than me, awhile ago, pointed out that “respectability will kill superheroes” and they’re right. […]

SDCC 2010: Imaginary twitterings

Twitter didn’t work for me so well on the show floor, and my phone wouldn’t take the strain anyways. So here’s the first half of my imagined tweets from the floor. The second half of this may or may not ever appear.

The triple chili-cheese at Tommy‚Äôs is unnecessary. Structural integrity starts low and […]