The four dollar barrier

Funny that people are talking about this being the month of four dollar comics, since the first comic I paid four dollars for was back in 2002? Can’t recall. Pretty sure it was an issue of THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT. I can’t find it in my longboxes to verify, but I recall being put off […]

Comics on the iPad

Matt plays with an iPad as a comics reader and likes it.

Wonder-Con 2010 redux

YOU’RE LIKE A KITTEN WITH A BALL OF YARN I missed a big thing in my post of yesterday regarding the goings-on at Wonder-Con, so let me try to tie this up. One of the most interesting developments from the show was the abrupt announcement that Greg Rucka was ending his working relationship with DC […]

Wonder-Con 2010

Wonder-Con 2010, incomplete in more than a thousand words.