Walking the Strangeways

Matt Maxwell, author of Strangeways, interviewed over at CBR, and other stuff. […]

Conversation Fear at Highway 62

Yeah see, I did it all wrong. I said I was going to post them here and then just flooded the place, leaving the announcement in the dust.

So, here it is again.

A few years ago, I wrote a column for the lamented Dark, But Shining, entitled Conversation Fear. Horror-focused, sometimes wandering a bit. […]

Macrohorror – germs

Sean responds to my question about macro/micro horror. Take a peek.

Aw heck, here:

Matt Maxwell asks, in essence, does that which is horror in micro become science fiction in macro? Really good question, Matt. Brainwave: Thinking about it with this in mind, I think what sticks with me about Cloverfield is that it goes […]

Conversation Fear – Crying for the Scorpion

As originally posted at Dark, But Shining some seven months after it had officially closed its doors. Old ghosts and all.

Oh, you didn’t think I’d let Halloween pass unnoticed, did you? And after all, horror is where it finds you, where you’re not expecting it. And where better than the abandoned field, the neglected […]

Conversation Fear – Monster Talk with David Wellington

As originally posted on Dark, But Shining.

One of the great things about entertainment in the internet age is that getting feedback to creators is a lot more…direct than it used to be. After reading and enjoying Monster Island and Monster Nation, I got in touch with the author, David Wellington and let him know […]

Conversation Fear Special – Chinatown: The Monster

As originally posted during All Hallow’s Month, 2006 at Dark, But Shining.

If you believe that horror film must be dictated by the splash of scarlet, the hockey mask, the primordial monster or the glimmering of a machete, you should stop reading right now. Because I’m here to talk about horror film and I’m here […]

Conversation Fear – Late for My Own Funeral

As originally posted on Dark, But Shining

Greetings, programs!

Yes, I’ve dared to show my face again after letting another deadline not only woosh past, but actually break the sound barrier in the process. There’s no excuse. But there is a harsh reality. That being that I’m not in possession of the time or energy […]

Conversation Fear – Not under the rocks, but out in the open

As published originally on Dark, But Shining.

This will likely be a short one. The process of buying a new home has grown, shoggoth-like to expand all available space and energy. It is my hope, my hope, that things will settle back into something resembling the new normal in the next several weeks (but there’s […]

Conversation Fear – They Won’t Stay Dead!

As originally posted on Dark, But Shining.

And neither will I. Though I came pretty damn close this holiday season. Three birthdays for children between the ages of three and eight, all in the space of a week. All no more than two weeks before Christmas. You remember Christmas, that joyous season of love and […]

Conversation Fear – I am Matt’s Shameful Confession

As published originally on Dark, But Shining

What’s your shameful confession? Oh, come on. Everyone’s got one. Whether it’s their indulgence in bonbons and weepy old movies or perhaps more…unsavory predilections that one keeps closeted.

You don’t want to share? Not even a little?

Oh then, let me. And this one’s a shocker. Particularly for […]