Strangeways…fan art?

Yes indeed. I won’t steal Alex’s thunder by putting the image up here, but head on over to his workblog where you can see the Strangeways piece that he did recently. And if you ever see him at a show, you should ask to see his one-a-day sketchbook, which has some treats for Bronze-Age Marvel […]

I am Nothing if Not a Good Apostate

Sorry about the daily fiction. But I’ll probably again make statements that I can’t back up so long as the repercussions are minimal.

Interesting experience this weekend. I did a signing at a local Borders store, here in Folsom, Ca, for MURDER MOON. I get asked back every Halloween or so given the werewolfy nature […]

APE 2009 – At the corner of Numan and Cannon.

Matt goes to APE and spends too much time thinking. […]

HHH – 10/13

And you didn’t think I’d show.

Continued from yesterday’s posting.

August waited, knowing that the Judicator and the gallery would wait upon his words, blasphemies or not. The thought did not satisfy him, though there was a time that it might have. He waited like the darkness between the stars waited for them to […]

HHH – 10/12

Attempting to get back on track. Went more than half an hour today, though.

Hellsmaw – 10/12

The stars outside, they were not so very far away.

August could feel them, feel their burning cool and even their remoteness. He could feel that even as the Judicator glared down at him from his regal height. […]

Long Beach Comic-Con report

It’s up, over at the Beat. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Really regretting the whole Hell’s Half-Hour thing. But I’ll continue to limp some stuff in, no way it’s going to be daily. Apologies if this disappoints.

I share with you. I share Link Wray.

An ultra-sludgy version of “Rumble” from 1978, some twenty years, that’s TWENTY YEARS after the original. Just wow.

Tip of the hat to Paul Tobin for bringing Wray’s name up in the conversation.

HHH 10/06/09

You get a fragment today because that’s all I’ve got. I’ll revisit it tomorrow.

The copter swung down towards Figueroa, slow, avoiding the trails of smoke that rose and faded into the haze and smog of the June morning. No other air traffic to avoid, not yet anyways. Word was that the military was […]

Hell’s Half Hour 10/5

I lived it today, so no entry. Will try to double up tomorrow. Attempting to sleep now.

HHH 10/4/09

I promise. […]