Strangeways: The Thirsty – Page 089

It’s up over at Robot 6.

Oh and tomorrow will bring a new Full Bleed. A short one, but kinda big as these things go. Keep your browser eye on

I’d post more today, but I’ve borked enough things as it is.

Strangeways: Murder Moon takes Best of Sacramento

At least according to the SACRAMENTO NEWS AND REVIEW. Link actually goes to the announcement at Robot 6, but you can see the full text and hit the article there.

So yeah, “Best Local Graphic Novel.” I won’t discuss how many other Sacramento-based writers put out graphic novels during eligibility. That’s strictly classified and on […]



The English have the best music shows

Like The Tubes appearing on the OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST.


I might be ready to blog again sometime. Maybe.

Personal to Bank of America

Your online banking functionality is needlessly complicated, not to mention, makes it *harder* to do things that it’s supposed to simplify.

Your decision to change how you’re handling wire transfers (for which I was paying a hefty premium) necessitates a change in banking.

I did like having the flashy “Highway 62 Press” credit card with […]

Saturday on a lost weekend

Yeah, it’s that kind of day. I cook for 24 and then I collapse into a drunken mess and then post on the Internet, immaculately typing.


Anub’arak invites some guests to dinner

Spoilers for Trial of the Cruader follow. If you don’t know what that means, you’re probably okay.

A word about the above. Watch the beginning very closely. It’s not a great video, but gives you a bit of the feeling.

The event in question is the end of a trial by coliseum, held in […]

Welcome to September

Bears hibernate in winter. I hibernate in August. […]