About Marvelman

Todd McFarlane weighs in over at CBR. The takeaway here is that Mr. McFarlane owns the Miracleman logo/trademark.  But “Miracleman” was created as such because Marvel didn’t want him being called “Marvelman”.  However, Marvel now owns “Marvelman” so he’s going to be called “Marvelman” and not “Miracleman”.  Therefore, owning “Miracleman” doesn’t seem like it adds […]

Your Summer Webcomics Clearinghouse

Warren Ellis exhorts the crowds to tell him of their webcomics. Ride the wave.

Blasted from the past

Look what I dredged up.  Apparently I’ve been a comics journalist since 2003.  Go figure. My notes from the Grant Morrison panel at SDCC 2003, as featured on Newsarama. Yes, I google myself sometimes.  But I’ll try not to go blind.

Now it can be told

Or something.  Anyways, you can see some of my masterful animation and set-building:  MAX STEEL, season 1 on YouTube (also on Hulu, I hear.)  I know I did a lot of stuff for episodes 1, 3, 6 and 9, and probably a couple random shots in others as well.  Look carefully for the Slurm vending […]

Borders Ink

I noticed one of these when I was in my local Borders a couple days back.  The graphic novel section (as opposed to the manga section) was on the backside of a display of all TWILIGHT material.  Sure, there were books, but most of it was incidental stuff.  And that might keep the mortgage paid […]


Aggregated post for SDCC 2009 reportage from Matt Maxwell/Highway 62. Read at your own peril.

SDCC 2009 (07) – Sunday

SDCC 2009 (07) – MY LITTLE JUNKO MIZUNO Sunday is the day that I let it all go.  If I’m going to do something exceptionally stupid, it’ll be then.  A few days of irregular sleep and long days usually combine to smother what’s left of my common sense and I buy an INVISIBLES page or […]

SDCC 2009 (06)

SDCC 2009 (06) SATURDAY – STEAMPUNK IS THE NEW ZOMBIES It totally is and you know it.  I suppose I wouldn’t be so jaundiced about it were it not for the fact that one of the first “proper” comics pitches I wrote up was a steampunk adaptation of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS by H.P. […]

SDCC 2009 (05)

SDCC 2009 (05) – THE CRUSH OF KNOWING  Friday, breakfast.  Three coconut pancakes, eggs over medium and bacon crispy but not blackened.  And coffee.  Just a little of that.  I can get up early, I just don’t like it very much. I’m pretty sure that it was either Friday or Saturday morning that I made […]