SDCC 2009 (04)

SDCC 2009 – Thursday, as best as I can recollect. […]

SDCC 2009 (03)


So I guess it’s hot in the northwest now. Now being a week after SDCC proper started. It even hit triple digits. Having flown to San Diego from a place where it had been 100+ for five out of the last ten days and it had […]

SDCC 2009 (02)

It begins! SDCC 2009 as reported by me. Part one of a few. […]


Defined as finishing my con report only after everyone will have stopped giving a rat’s ass about it.

Need more something. Or less sleep I guess.

About that flight out

So yes, what you heard on Twitter yesterday was true. Instead of a relaxed morning flight (two hours early!) where I could get ahead on my convention report (curse you Tom Spurgeon, again) while waiting for my plane, I was treated to a surprise fire drill. Or emergency drill. Or something. All I know was […]

SDCC report – 2009

No, it’s not ready yet, ya vultures! Come back in a couple days. I may post fragments of it to Twitter as a way to test the waters, but so far, reception has been…bemusement. Not what I was fishing for.

Can’t find my headphones and can’t really write in this damn noisy airport without them, […]

Garlands on a Sunday

That was a long five days. After dinner and a margarita big enough to flush and an impromptu viewing (by way of Netflix, much to the disbelief of my roommate) of BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK, I’m trying to decide whether to start writing up convention reports or if I should perhaps sleep or take […]

I have just one question

Why on earth did I willingly schedule a 10:00 am meeting? I’ve done much smarter things before this. Really, I have.

Congrats to the Eisner winners out there, particularly to Carla McNeil, Guy Davis and Jonah Weiland, for reasons that probably only make sense to me.

Really should find something or someone to consume and […]

All Different Things – SDCC 2009 (01)

Matt’s punchy. Don’t be so mean. […]

My observation of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo landing

Wait for it…

That’s Buzz Aldrin, astronaut, second man to walk on the moon, punching out Bart Sibrel, conspiracy theorist who puts forth the proposition that the US never landed on the moon. Repeatedly and obnoxiously.

What’s more, anyone who thinks those were faked has *never*, *ever* worked in special effects. State of the […]