X-Men from the outside

Take a trip down memory lane, hand in hand with the Uncanny X-Men. […]

X-Men relationship chart – not for the weak.

You can view it right here.

People often ask me why I’m so down on the big two’s mainline output. Well, the above is a big reason. And it’s one of those things that boils down to “it works for you or it doesn’t.” The above is a mind-bogglingly complicated schematic of the interpersonal relationships […]

Wish I was in LA on 7/1

Grant Morrison signing at Meltdown on July first. And to seal the deal, he’ll be in conversation with Clive Barker. PAGING SEAN T. COLLINS!

I’m really tempted to take a plane down there. How do I explain this one to my wife?

I’m often asked about the arcane process of hooking up with artists

And my answer is always the same. “Pay them.”

Put an ad on Digital Webbing, note that you’re going to pay your collaborators. You will be surprised at the number of qualified artists who reply to you. I guarantee this.

Oh, you want to hire an artist whose going to work for back end pay […]

Weirdest use of Big Barda ever.

Swear to god, I’m not making this up.

Big Barda referenced in an article about Department of Homeland Security from 2006. They even include a graphic. Crazy.

Fun and educational!

1961 American Propaganda about Nuclear Radiation & Fallout @ Yahoo! Video

Just like it says. This 1961 film points out that radiation is indeed not your friend, buddy or companion. Research on a current project for me. Entertainment for you.

Head over to the videos homepage for other interesting viewing.


Hey, guess what?

This is a really stupid moment in copyright law.

A jury has awarded the R I A A a 1.92 million dollar judgement against a single individual who copied 24 songs from an internet-based filesharing service. That’s 80K a song.

I belive that creative types should be rewarded for their labors. That’s not the issue […]

Low/no content mode

Real life has caught up with my bloggery ambitions. Add to that the fact that school just wrapped up, which means more dad time and less blognut time. And getting THE THIRSTY completed as an actual book book, which requires a lot more effort than simply putting pages up three times a week. And selling […]

Chapter 3 of THE THIRSTY comes to a close today

Over at Robot 6. Give it a read.

Brings a new dimension to the concept of a stand-off. Only this one looks like it just got turned into a three-way with Collins and company holding neither end of the stick.

There’ll be a break for a time, at least for THE THIRSTY. In its place, […]

Unbearably cute

The new Supergirl pages from Wednesday Comics are just incredible. […]