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Amazing tattoos from Monsterpalooza. Amazing tattoos of the Micronauts. […]

Greetings from Monsterpalooza

They sure got some neat stuff here. This is from one of the taxidermy displays. May snap a few more pictures if today is as quiet as yesterday was. Let’s hope not.

Vampires and…nitro?


It’s up, enjoy. That is if you like to see bloodsuckers versus SCIENCE!



It was only nine years ago or a lifetime by any other measure. I was standing in the Donut Prince on Magnolia just outside of Burbank, buying two dozen doughnuts for my soon-to-be-ex-coworkers of Top Rung Entertainment, Inc. […]

Ah, the Valley

So I’m a total liar. That last post said I’d be in sunny Burbank. Wrong. It’s not quite June gloom, but it’s high clouds all the way to the San Gabriels. From the plane, it looked like a scalloped white sea lapping at a green shore. From the ground the sky is featureless white, […]

Where I’ll be this weekend

I’m off to Monsterpalooza in Burbank this weekend. Let’s see what comes of this. […]

An embarassment of riches

Wherein Matt is deluged with many great potential artists for the third STRANGEWAYS book. And he gives a progress report on the second one, aka THE THIRSTY. […]

Censorship FAIL

When will they learn?

So apparently the manga series FINDER (not to be confused with Carla Speed McNeil’s FINDER) is so awful, so terrible, so threatening to minors that it can’t be sold in Germany. Not only can it not be sold, it can’t even be discussed, nor *mentioned* on a comics blog.

Right now, […]

THE THIRSTY – alternate page 75

Less can be more in comics storytelling. […]

The Thirsty – Father Murphy in supplication

Father Murphy begs forgiveness. And more. […]