Chest burster!

Peekaru: Peekaru is a Baby Snuggie Man, I just can’t read this the way the designers intended it to read.

More looks behind the curtain

Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment: Strangeways – Behind the Scenes – 04 I’m not convinced that anyone is reading these and feel instead that they’re probably a big waste of time and energy. Time will tell. But really, when your entries are the only ones on the […]

Letters Never Sent

I recently joined the modern age of gaming and bought an Xbox 360. Sure, I’d had a Wii and a houseful of Macintosh computers. But those consoles (and platform) are usually kind of second tier units in the gaming mainstream. The Wii excels in titles for younger kids as well as introducing innovative gameplay with […]

There goes another daily stop

THE HORRORS OF IT ALL: They Burned a Witch Karswell of THE HORRORS OF IT ALL is taking a vacation from his superlative pre-code-horror blogging. He’ll be missed, but he certainly deserves a break after the daily grind. I hope to see him back in action before too long.


It’s 1984

Do you know where your armageddon is? Or is it maybe here? I don’t know. It’s so hard to choose. I LOVE THEM BOTH.


Wrote this a couple years back for Dark, But Shining. Reprinting it here, since I’m not sure how long DBS will persist (surprised that it’s still there, really.)


Oh, you didn’t think I’d let Halloween pass unnoticed, did you? And after all, horror is where it finds you, where […]

Strangeways – Behind the Scenes

As the comic is taking a couple week-long break (badly timed, as it turns out, but I didn’t get to plan it), I’ve been running some behind the scenes features about STRANGEWAYS in general. So far, we’ve gotten: The Secret Origin of Strangeways – Howard’s “The Monster from the Mound.” (re-presented by Karswell at The […]

Comics…for kids…?

Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment – BOOM! teams with Kable for newsstand distribution I don’t know that much about Kable. But I do know that they’re not Diamond and I do know that they distribute to newsstands at places that aren’t comic shops, that people actually go […]

Yeah, about that…


Life sucks this week

So here’s some Radio Birdman covering the Stooges. Sound’s muddy, but whaddya gonna do? Expect low-intensity posting while I catch up on the stuff that’s rapidly getting out of hand and I try not to run an icepick through my dog’s brain to…take the edge off him.