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Is up. You go. You like. Daughter is back to normal, maybe a little leakier than usual (and the color!) Instead of being hollow-eyed and unresponsive, she’s back to yelling that she should be able to drag her giant marker set to school to show off to all her classmates. Kids are resilient, lemme tell […]

Why fiction?

Your brain on fiction: we simulate action we read in narrative – Boing Boing This is why. We *want* fiction to be real. We want it to transport us. Here comes the science!

Can’t stop the zeitgeist, yo!

Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources – 2009: The Year We Switch to Trades? We’ve been talking about waiting on the trade since I got back into reading comics regularly about 6 years ago. For all intents and purposes, that’s a generation in comics reading, if not more. So I guess it’s funny […]

Strangeways: The Thirsty – Page 31

Go git it! You heard me. Click right here. So I don’t know which is worse, a very sick 5-year-old or a 5-year old who is getting better enough to have attitude problems. I guess the former. I guess.


LEGO TWIN PEAKS LEGO TWIN PEAKS I haven’t even looked at this yet, but really, how bad could it possibly be? As spotted at Wednesday’s Haul

The 700th post here

And it’s a peeve post. Not auspicious. You know what really grinds my gears? When comics podcasters put up a page that talks all about themselves and why you should be listening to them but they have NO CONTACT INFORMATION anywhere to be seen. It would be helpful to have that sort of thing when […]

Fowler – left, Parker – right

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Not talking politics, either… So I dragged myself out of the house on Friday to attend the recent launch event for Parker/Fowler’s new book, MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE. That means a trip to San Francisco, land of wondrous comic shops and perpetual mist and Hunan cuisine. It also meant a […]

Strangeways: The Thirsty – Page 30

Check it out right here. You’ll notice that Robot 6 is also getting some front page coverage at CBR now, which totally rules. Of course it totally rules because I’m getting some front page coverage at CBR. Hey, I never said I wasn’t interested in getting coverage, just that I’m really *bad* at it. Suppose […]

Something Evil

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That they were serving at the Mysterius the Unfathomable launch party at the Isotope last Friday. That might have been the rum and ginger beer something. Or maybe it was the gin and chartreuse something. I only drank one because I had to drive back. Okay, I had a […]

Think he’ll forgive me?

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Yeah, me neither. I’d say I was sorry, Kevin, but I’m simply not.