I realize now that I forgot to call out to one of the movies of the year, in my malformed grumbling of a year-end column over at Comics Waiting Room. Let’s set the stage. I’m talking with Darwyn Cooke at SDCC, just after the announcement that he’d be adapting the PARKER books by Donald Westlake. […]

Full Bleed 32 – year end mayhem continues

Full Bleed 32 A follow-up to my piece from last week. Or was it the week before? I confuse easy.

Remember, folks

The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy Brendan McCarthy has a blog and you should be going there at least once a week. He’s got a Christmas card up now, which is more than I can say. But he’s also got more art that we all deserve.

Full Bleed Supplemental – 2008 – part 1

DSCF6312.JPG Originally uploaded by maxwellm SLUMBERING IN A COLD DEAD PLACE Just read Steven Grant’s piece on the comics year, 2008. He says a lot of things about the state of the union better than I could, but then he’s much more practiced (and, let’s face it, disciplined) than I am. Older too, but not […]