Sick like dog

Like the dog is sick, I am. Now whether or not I’m sick because of the dog is up for interpretation. The disruption of sleep patterns hasn’t been good for much, and my normally abnormally-short attention span is truncated even further. Going off of coffee might have something to do with it too. Which is […]

The Thirsty – Page 13

Blog@Newsarama – Blog Archive – Strangeways: The Thirsty – Page 13 The latest page from THE THIRSTY above. You can catch the other recent installments at – Strangeways, naturally.

Attack, my minion!

Oh sure, he’s cute now Originally uploaded by maxwellm

Or, uh, just crash out there. It’s your call.


Waterlogged Originally uploaded by maxwellm

One of the questlines in the new World of Warcraft expansion has your character assisting the indigenous walrus-hominids of the continent of Northrend. This particular moment comes from a quest where the player seeks to acquire a totem from a fallen Tuskarr (the walrus-hominids in question) hero, whose body […]

Attack Puppy Go!

Half beagle, half golden something. ALL MAYHEM. I haven’t been this tired since my daughter started toddling and needed to be followed around the house at all times. Now I’m busy trying to reprogram this puppy from a tool of total domestic destruction to something a little…less bitey. But at the moment, I’m feeling more […]


On the weekend of APE, a couple short weeks ago, I met with Jeff Lester, he of the Savage Critics and writer for the SAM AND MAX game. Over a nice dim sum breakfast, we talked comics and process and about how many words you’re supposed to put in a balloon anyways. Give it a […]

The Thirsty – Page 9

9_Tease.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm

Go ahead and read it. I dares ya.

Hmm. I think I missed the posting for page 8 as well. Here’s that.

Right over here.

Wonder what’s in there, anyways…


Full Bleed 31

Full Bleed 31 Price hikes are killing music. Er, comics. Or are they?

The Thirsty – Page 7

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Read it here.

So they’ve gone and given me the keys to the blog. Look out! Once you’ve got the great power, who needs the responsibility part? Just gets in the way…


Hoo. Boy.

Blog@Newsarama – Blog Archive – Red state, boo state: the politics of horror? THE POLITICS OF SCAR-ING. The politics of oooo…feelin’ bad. The politics of bleed-ing. Yeah, I riffed on Re-Flex there. Glad you caught it. You’re sharp. Kevin Melrose over at catches something that I’m sure is gonna bounce all over the horror […]