The Thirsty – 2

Blog@Newsarama – Strangeways: The Thirsty, Page 2 A few things have been made clear. One, more attention paid when I make “simple lettering changes” that suddenly introduce typos. Two, I need to redesign that header so it’s more readable at size. Three, Epitaph might not be the best choice for caption text onscreen, though it […]

Full Bleed 30

Full Bleed 30 Can you believe it? That’s halfway to 60! I talk about writing. Sorta. Click that way if you’ve got a moment to spare.

The Thirsty begins

Like it says. Head on over to Blog@Newsarama to start reading. Though if you’re like me, you like to wait for a little material to build up. Blog@Newsarama – Strangeways: The Thirsty, Page 1


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The designers of World of Warcraft have a sense of humor. Sometimes that sense runs towards the ghoulish side of things, as evidenced by their new Halloween event, which is also part of their ramp-up to a new expansion called WRATH OF THE LICH KING.

And what’s a Lich […]

Strangeways Logo.jpg

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Finally, a plain old Strangeways logo.

The Thirsty Logo

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Likewise, here’s a logo for the second book, which you might have heard is going to be a serial over at Blog@Newsarama starting next week.



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For those of you looking for a decent cover scan of the first book. There’ll be a few more of these…


Strangeways: The Thirsty – web syndication at

Almost forgot to post this here. — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 23, 2008 HIGHWAY 62 PRESS AND BLOG@NEWSARAMA ANNOUNCE JOINT SYNDICATION FOR STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY Matthew Maxwell, creator and author of the Western-horror graphic novel STRANGEWAYS, today announced the serialization of the sequel, THE THIRSTY, at Blog @ Newsarama. The series will debut on Monday, […]

Super Stalin and Hyper Hitler!

FIGHT….TO THE DEATH! THE STORY YOU NEVER THOUGHT WE’D DARE TO PUBLISH! IF YOU READ ONLY ONE COMIC THIS YEAR, YOU MUST READ ‘WHEN FALLS A DICTATOR!’ Found the link on, so I can’t nearly take the credit for it. But it must be read to be believed.

Bad news, good news

Bad news? Feels like there’s a full-sized alligator living in my sinuses. I can feel the leathery ridges and claws rubbing against the inside of my head every time I breathe or sneeze or think. Good news? Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler are working on a new series for Wildstorm. Parker assures everyone that there […]