Murder Moon Preview

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You can read it here.

I figure a few folks may be making their way over from business cards and such handed out in Baltimore, so a quick bump to the top of the page here.

Still working on the serialization of THE THIRSTY. Think […]

Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore!

Full Bleed 28 Because you could hardly Balti-less! Okay, that was weak. But I’m only on my second cup of coffee here. And apparently there’s a contest too, over at Comics Waiting Room. Check it out. I would, but I’m not allowed to win, so I figure, why bother?

Some facts

1. The first chapter of THE THIRSTY is lettered and done. You can see it if you track me down in Baltimore. 2. The Sacramento airport offers free wireless, unlike seemingly every hotel I stay in. I should stay in airports instead… 3. When you gamble, you sometimes lose. You sometimes even look foolish for […]

Offered without comment

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Or explanation. At least a rational one…

Psst! Wanna read Morrison’s first…

SUPERMAN story? From a 1985 annual? Sure you do. GeniusboyFiremelon: When Words Collide BONUS: Morrison’s Very First Superman Story Spotted at Geniusboy Firemelon, where else.

Romero was RIGHT!

Could inner zombie be controlling your brain? – Science- Inner zombies, man! It’s all right there! They’re COMING! You’re NEXT!

Street Dates

See, that’s the story behind the story with the ALL-STAR BATMAN #10 (it’s #10, right?) kerfluffle. The badly printed black bars covering the naughty words aren’t what folks are talking about, two weeks out. The language? Folks, this is SIN CITY BATMAN. If you didn’t figure that out with the first issue, then there’s not […]

Full Bleed 27

Full Bleed 27 Wherein I ramble about what I did over the summer “break”, as well as the importance of backstory and compelling badguys.

Richard Wright, RIP

Got the news yesterday, but haven’t had much chance to comment on it yet. Richard Wright, keyboardist and arranger for (The) Pink Floyd passed away recently. Though it’s uncool to admit (even reserved) affection for dinosaur rock bands, Pink Floyd have ever been one of my favorites, though I’ll admit that the interestingness of their […]

Baltimore bound

I’ll be at the Baltimore Comic-Con at the end of the month. Should be interesting. Hopefully will be able to make a final announcement regarding the serial publication of THE THIRSTY there, if not beforehand. I will definitely have lettered art from the entirety of the first chapter of THE THIRSTY while there (unless I […]