Happy Birthday, King

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There can only be one. And he was it. If he hadn’t already existed, someone would have needed to make him up in order to give birth to the Marvel Age of comics (though he was busting heads and working his heart out long before that.)

That’s the cover […]

50 Things – Balloons

You heard me. Thought balloons. Even if they’re dressed up like narrative captions, we all know what they are. They’re the expression of internal monologue alongside the action. They can only happen in comics. Sure, you can do voiceover in film and you can run internal monologue in prose, but those thoughts cannot be physically […]

Strangeways: Thirsty-02

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Page two of the inked art for STRANGEWAYS: THIRSTY. Artwork by Gervasio and Jok of Estudio Haus. Script is after the jump. I think…



“They don’t love you like I love you.” Just like the song says. What more needs to be said? When it comes to matters of the heart, humans express their most personal idiosyncracies, personality twitches and hidden needs. How else would it be love? How else would you be granted the strength to express the […]

Steven R. Smith

YouTube – seasons So, I got some questions about Steven’s work after the first STRANGEWAYS trailer went up last year. I actually found a video with his music in it up on YouTube. I should direct you to www.worstward.com, his personal site where you can order albums and the like. There weren’t any samples up […]

What if We Give it Away?

So asked Michael Stipe in LIFE’S RICH PAGEANT (one of my favorites, even if it wasn’t as earthshattering as MURMUR or an album I come back to even now such as FABLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION.) News Sleazy Tintin book raises ire of estate – News from Spain – Expatica So if I call it Tintin […]

Strangeways: Thirsty-01

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Here’s the first page of the new Strangeways graphic novel, entitled “Thirsty” (though it may go out as “The Thirsty”, I’m being wishy-washy on that issue right now, which means it’s probably a lot less important than I think it is.) The art is by Gervasio and Jok […]

I don’t do this often

(postmodernbarney.com) But Dorian knocked this one out of the park. And it’s the Best. Movie. Ever.

Full Bleed 26

Full Bleed 26 I’ll have to do some math (which is hard), but I think with this edition of Full Bleed, I’m tied with the run on it I had back at Broken Frontier. This week, I talk about Robert Kirkman’s video manifesto.


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Kids are in school finally, but you wouldn’t know it from my in-box. I’m still behind several pages of the next STRANGEWAYS script and an essay or two. At least I finished a column for this week.

In the meantime, enjoy the splendor that is downtown Los Angeles. Think […]